Simple #simplenotsomuch

You’re on a bus.

You need to get off the bus.

You’re on the inside seat.

Someone is in the outside seat.

How do get off at your stop?

Do you say, “Excuse me this is my stop?”

Or do you just stare at the person sitting in your way until they look up from what they are doing long enough to see you staring and then deducing from your stare that you are wanting to get up even though you have made no other gesture or said one word that would indicate you want to get off the bus.

Simple…most would say excuse me.

Not the person sitting next to me!


Random thoughts and ideas…a beginning

I am sure when anyone starts a new blog, they call it random thoughts.

And really what else would it be at first.

What is my goal?

It’s simple really, to have a place where I can share my thoughts, ideas and stories.

Instagram is there for my photos, WordPress is here for my words.

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