Time to fly

"Another suicide in the city last night, making it the third one this month. Police are investigating...", the voice from the clock radio was cut off. Clock radios are amazing, thought Robert as he switched off the news. So simple, but yet so effective. Whoever invented them must have ended up a very wealthy man,... Continue Reading →


Label. No more.

You once provided a service. There was nothing special about you. At one time, you were bright white, providing useful information for all to see. Now you are sepia toned, aged by heat and time. You ar lying on the floor. Your warning going unheeded. Your dry and shriveled edges waiting to be touched, so... Continue Reading →

You Know

You know Secretly Down deep inside You know Even though they all say It's okay You know Whenever someone stares Or stands just a bit too long You know When they say, "I get exactly where you're coming from. In fact, I had an uncle once who went through the same thing. Well, not exactly,... Continue Reading →

It comes Like the night Beautiful, intriguing It moves Dark, foreboding Slowly surrounds All light All sound Gone

I am free!

The thunder cracked so loud, it was if the roof had been ripped right off the house. Then the rain started. Slowly at first but then faster and louder, like thousands of feet running across the boards. He awoke to the sound and knew, no was the moment. The moment he had always wanted to... Continue Reading →

How you like me now?

Change. Metamorphosis. Just trying to fit in. At some point in everyone's life, you've done that. Changed your clothes, changed the music you listen to. To be popular, to fit in, to belong, to be one of the group. But how far would you go? Would you change the way you walked? The way you... Continue Reading →

Simple #simplenotsomuch

You're on a bus. You need to get off the bus. You're on the inside seat. Someone is in the outside seat. How do get off at your stop? Do you say, "Excuse me this is my stop?" Or do you just stare at the person sitting in your way until they look up from... Continue Reading →

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